105 Cell Seedling Tray

Start seeds indoors or in a greenhouse.


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  • 105 Cells per tray
  • 54cm long, 28cm wide, 4cm deep. 
  • Each cell is 3cm x 3cm and tapered to the bottom for easy removal
  • Drainage hole at bottom of each cell
  • Thicker plastic which is also more flexible than other on the market, you should be able to get at least 3 seasons out of these. We use them for multiple plantings each year.

The perfect companion for all your gardening endeavors! Designed to help you start seeds indoors or in a greenhouse, this versatile tray is a must-have for every green thumb. Crafted with care from lightweight and durable plastic, it offers the ideal environment for nurturing seedlings into healthy plants.

With our Seedling Tray, you can take control of your food supply chain right from the start. By growing your own plants from seeds, you ensure the utmost quality and sustainability in your garden. Embrace the joy of watching tiny seeds sprout and thrive, knowing that you have played a part in supporting local business and fostering resource independence.

One of the greatest benefits of our Seedling Tray is its reusability. You can use it season after season, reducing waste and promoting a greener environment. Its thoughtful design allows for easy transplanting of seedlings, ensuring a seamless transition from tray to garden bed.

Invest in our Seedling Tray today and witness the transformation of tiny seeds into thriving plants. Join the growing community of sustainable gardeners who value self-sufficiency, local businesses, and the joy of growing their own food. Start small but dream big with our Seedling Tray!

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Dimensions 28 × 54 × 4 cm


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